We certify vegan products that you as a manufacturer sell through retailers as well as companies that manufacture or prepare vegan products and sell them directly to the end consumer.

For all manufacturers

Do you produce vegan products and distribute them through retail? Then you are right here. Certify your products so that the retail end consumer can immediately see that your products are vegan certified.

For purely vegan companies

Purely vegan companies such as restaurants, cafes, food trucks or manufacturers in direct sales only: If you only sell your products to end consumers, certify your vegan operation here.

For all other companies

Do you not only sell vegan products directly to end consumers? Then you are right here. In order to certify your company, special guidelines must be observed to avoid contamination of the vegan products.

In addition to the certification of vegan products, we also offer the certification of your company. We are aimed at companies that do not sell their products through retailers, but only directly. These are also all restaurants, cafes or manufacturers / manufacturers in direct sales.

So if you prepare and sell vegan burgers, for example, you should certify your business. However, if you sell, for example, the burger patties packaged through the trade, you can certify your patties as a product. Each product receives its own certificate number, which is printed on the package and enables the consumer to check the product based on the certificate number.

Similarly, a company certification can also be checked online. The company also receives a unique, individual certificate number. You will also receive a certificate for hanging up in your restaurant or similar for your company.

Special rules apply to companies that not only manufacture and sell purely vegan products, e.g. omnivore restaurants. Special requirements apply here so that there is no contamination of the vegan products / dishes.