1. Manufacturer questions

  • Is the Vriendly Vegan label controlled like other labels?

    Like other labels, our certification is based on your information as a manufacturer in the first step. As a certificate provider, we have the option of requesting products or checking production at any time. This happens randomly and, in the event of deliberate deception - unlike other labels - would lead to the immediate revocation of the certificate. On the individual side of the respective product, consumers also have the option of reporting doubts or irregularities directly to us online. No other vegan label offers this option.
  • Why is the Vriendly Vegan label so much cheaper than others?

    As a non-profit organization, we have set ourselves the goal of promoting and spreading veganism. We don't need profits and returns, we just need a small budget for marketing to make our idea public. We have therefore invested heavily to make all processes as lean and inexpensive as possible. That is why we can offer certification so much cheaper.
  • How long will it take to get my product certified?

    If you have all your company and product data ready, the certification including registration of your company takes a maximum of 10 minutes! If you are already registered with us, it will take less than 5 minutes. If you want to certify large quantities of products even faster, we offer you an upload for csv files to save you having to enter them manually!
  • How much does a certificate cost? For other providers, this depends on various factors and I cannot get any information without a written request.

    Our cost structure is very simple and transparent! The ONCE per product is € 99, - net. Otherwise there are no hidden costs and you do not have to renew the certificate annually, it runs indefinitely as long as you do not change the product. If you offer an identical product in different packaging sizes, you can certify the different sizes for FREE!
  • I have a product in different packaging sizes. Do I have to certify and pay for each packaging size individually?

    You can certify the other packaging sizes online in one step for FREE! We only calculate the product, but not different packaging sizes.
  • I have a small factory and very limited financial options. Even your much cheaper prices are difficult for me to find. Are there any options for a discount?

    The main thing for us is that as many vegan products as possible are available on the market and are certified in a comprehensible manner. Therefore, our price is up to 90% below that of other providers. Nevertheless, as a startup we are happy to offer you to certify some products more cost-effectively to support you in entering the market. Please write to us using the contact form.
  • How long is my certificate valid and are there any follow-up costs?

    The Vriendly Vegan label is valid indefinitely as long as you do not change the content of your product! There are no follow-up costs! If, for example, your packaging design changes, you can update it yourself in your customer area. This service is also free of charge for you!
  • I have already spent a lot of money on certification with other providers and do not want to have more costs. However, I would have liked to use the better transparency of the Vriendly Vegan label for consumers. Are there any options?

    We are committed to the vegan idea and consumer friendliness for 100%. If you would like to equip already certified products with the individual Vriendly Vegan label in the future, write us an email and we will find an unbureaucratic and particularly inexpensive solution for you and your products that have already been certified in other ways!
  • How much does it cost to link my product from the Vriendly.org website to my company's website?

    We offer you as a company a free page for EVERY of your products on vriendly.org and on our servers. There you can store photos, general information and the ingredients for your product so that the consumer is informed. We also offer you a FREE link to your company website so that the consumer can also find out more about your other products and your company. You can enter any URL of your company as the destination URL and change it yourself at any time free of charge. At the same time, the consumer can directly check your certificate on our website by permalinking your product on your website.
  • Are vegan products worthwhile as a manufacturer?

    The vegan market is an absolute boom market. It is not for nothing that the big players such as McDonalds, Burger King, Danone, Nestle, Aldi, Lidl, DM have long since started with their own product lines. Hardly any market has such immense growth.
  • 2. General

  • Does vegan certification include product packaging?

    At the moment, the packaging is not part of the certification. However, we would like to point out to the manufacturer in the certification process that we also wish to dispense with animal parts in the packaging. On request, the manufacturer can therefore have the packaging certified, which is user-friendly and transparent on our website. We are currently preparing an information catalog for manufacturers who want to make their packaging vegan and more sustainable in the future.
  • Other institutions also issue labels for vegetarian products. Is this also possible with the Vriendly Label?

    Numerous studies have now shown that a vegetarian lifestyle is unfortunately not much better for health, animals and the environment than an omnivore. Male chicks are shredded millions of times because they do not lay eggs, male calves are slaughtered shortly after birth. The female chickens and cows live an unspeakable and short life. There are now numerous plant-based alternatives that avoid this suffering and the great environmental pollution caused by livestock farming. The Vriendly Label is therefore only given to products that are really vegan. We are happy to support manufacturers free of charge with information on switching their products from vegetarian to vegan. However, we do not issue certificates for such products just because it would be lucrative. Here, too, we clearly differ from other providers.
  • What does the Vriendly Vegan Label symbolize?

    The colors symbolize yellow for sunlight and green for plants. The combination is a sign of life and growth. The circle represents the earth and that everything is connected. The strong "V" is immediately visible and is clearly explained by the "VEGAN" lettering. By specifying our Internet address and the unique certificate number of the product in the label, the user can check the correctness of the manufacturer's information directly on our website. Misuse of the vegan label is excluded.
  • 3. Consumer issues

  • How can I as a consumer understand whether the product is really vegan certified?

    The Vriendly Vegan label is the first of its kind to offer an individual certificate number, which can be recognized by the product. By entering this certificate number or the product EAN number on our website www.vriendly.org takes you directly to the product page, where you can check the photo, list of ingredients, date of certificate, country of manufacture and manufacturer. You can report doubts directly online there without bureaucracy. A link to the manufacturer also gives you the opportunity to find out more about this and other products or the manufacturer itself.
  • I read from another provider that if the controls are negative, the label is not revoked and that the manufacturer can then make improvements in the future. The consumer therefore does not know if a product is not really sold vegan in shops for weeks or months. Is this also so consumer-unfriendly at Vriendly?

    The Vriendly Vegan label is the only one of its kind when it comes to transparency. We feel committed to the vegan idea and consumers. If misuse of our label by a manufacturer is proven, the validity of the certificate is suspended until the manufacturing error has been remedied. With a clear intent, the Vriendly Vegan label is permanently withdrawn. This is clearly documented in the database for the consumer. We believe that only with this high ethical standard can we create real security for the consumer.
  • 4. Questions about the "Request label" page

  • How does it depend on whether I will also be charged VAT?

    The calculation of the sales tax (19% of the total) depends on whether your company is headquartered in Germany and / or you have entered a valid VAT ID. You can access this data at any time in your User area to change.
  • How is the file for the CSV upload of the "request label" form structured exactly?

    Caution: Please only create your CSV file yourself if you have the necessary ones knowledge feature. We offer one for regular use pre-made sample file to download. The CSV file says each product in a rowwhose information is provided by a Semicolon separated become: - brand name - product name - category (1 for food, 2 for clothing, 3 for furniture and furnishings, 4 for cosmetics and hygiene, 5 for cleaning agents, 6 for others) - EAN number (n), by Comma separated - ISO-3166-Alpha-2 codes of the producing countries, by Comma separated - Synopsis - Product link - Contact Person
  • 5. Questions about the "Certify Operations" page

  • How is the file for the CSV upload of the "certify company" form structured exactly?

    Caution: Please only create your CSV file yourself if you have the necessary ones knowledge feature. We offer one for regular use pre-made sample file to download. The CSV file says each branch on one linewhose information is provided by a Semicolon separated become: - road - House number - Postcode - city - country (Abbreviation after ISO-3166-Alpha-2) - Website URL - Contact Person