Welcome to the VRIENDLY VRIENDS program and thus to the VRIENDLY vegan family!

Have you ever heard of a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN situation? There is not any? Do you think it's exaggerated? We at Vriendly invented it and as a VRIEND you can let everyone benefit from it! Together we will certify the catering establishments and manufacturers nationwide & worldwide so that "Vegan" is visible everywhere! Best of all: Everyone involved benefits, because we are really “vriendly”!

WIN for the end consumer who has more vegan certified products & catering establishments to choose from!

WIN for the company that receives a 25% discount on our already very favorable conditions!

WIN for you as VRIEND, because we pay you a sensational 25% commission for your effort!

WIN for VRIENDLY, because we are getting one step closer to making the world vegan!

How many times have you been a guest in a restaurant and wished you could save yourself asking if something is vegan or 'really really vegan'? Now we all have a tool at hand to change this situation permanently! Simply inform the operator about our gastronomy certification. You and he save yourself future inquiries and the company receives numerous marketing goodies from us in addition to the 25% discount. You also get 25% as a commission. So your visit to the restaurant is practically on us and future visitors will be grateful to you!

Are you also fed up with constantly studying the ingredient lists of products because it is not certified as vegan? From the manufacturer's point of view, this is often simply too complex and costly. Such a certification quickly costs 500-1000 € per year & product, depending on the company's turnover! Let's change that together! With us, the manufacturer can have his product certified easily and uncomplicated for only € 99 once and with your recommendation he will receive a 25% discount even on it. In this case, too, you will automatically receive 25% commission for your efforts. Incidentally, this can quickly become very lucrative for you - imagine a manufacturer having tens of items certified by your recommendation!

So you see: Everyone benefits from you as VRIENDLY VRIEND and it is really easy and of course free of charge for you! Think about how many restaurants, cafés, ice cream parlors, bakeries, etc. you pass every day! Just go in and hand over our gastro flyer with your personal discount code as information. And think of all the products that you have in house, which are vegan but have not yet been certified by the manufacturer for cost reasons. On every packaging you will find the contact details of the manufacturer, who will certainly be grateful to find out about the new, affordable options for vegan certification by Vriendly. And how many such products can you only find in the supermarket or on the Internet ..... Your imagination knows no bounds ...

You get 25% commission

From every certification that can be traced back to your recommendation, you get 25% The amount paid by the company is credited as a commission. You can transfer this to your bank account at any time can be debited.

The establishments receive a 25% discount

In your Vriends area you will find your personal and reusable one Coupon Codewith which the companies unite Discount of 25% receive. This makes it worthwhile for businesses to use your voucher code.