about us

Vriendly eV is a registered association that is recognized as a non-profit organization. Founded in 2015 with the premise of bringing people - and especially restaurateurs - closer to the vegan way of life in a friendly way.

Since 2015, Vriendly has been the reliable partner of the catering industry when it comes to the introduction of vegan dishes. In countless personal conversations, we managed to get many restaurants and cafes to introduce vegan products and veganized recipes. We repeatedly encountered two problems:

1. Not enough products are vegan certified, so that when you're pressed for time when buying ingredients, it is often difficult for restaurateurs to find everything vegan in the end. A vegan burger on the menu does not help if you buy burger buns in a hurry that contain egg or milk.

2. Vegane Restaurantbesucher trauen oft – zu Recht – der Bezeichnung “vegan” auf der Speisekarte nicht, da sie häufig schlechte Erfahrungen gemacht haben, dass z.B. Pommes in der gleichen Friteusse zubereitet werden wie Hähnchen Nuggets o.ä.

In our experience, the above two problems very often ruin the effort. We therefore decided to introduce the universal VRIENDLY vegan label.

1. For products in order to certify them quickly and very inexpensively, reliably vegan, because previous offers are very expensive, cumbersome and tedious. In addition, annual license fees are usually due, the meaning of which we question, unless the aim is to maximize profits for the label's exhibitor. The VRIENDLY vegan label can be applied for online and is available for just € 99 within max. 48h issued!

2. The same vegan label for the catering trade, to give the guest the assurance that the menu is not simply vegan, but that the food is really reliably vegan. The restaurateurs receive training and commit to complying with our vegan guidelines. The gastro vegan label also costs € 99, - and even includes a vegan cookbook and stickers of the VRIENDLY vegan icon for the menu to get started right away.

Vriendly e.V. ist eine sogenannte “non profit oraganization”. Das heißt, wir müssen keinen Gewinn machen. Daher kostet die VRIENDLY Vegan-Zertifizierung bei z. T. umfangreicherer Leistung oft bis zu 90% weniger als die Zertifizierungen anderer Organisationen.

With this offer VRIENDLY would like to contribute to the fact that the vegan offers for products and gastronomy quickly become significantly more numerous. Please support our project! Thank you!


The vriendly vegan label

  1. High contrast background

    • in order to immediately attract the customer's attention when shopping
  2. Internationally protected trademark

    • to protect against abuse & to ensure our standards
  3. Reference to our website

    • for information for new customers
  4. Clear visual language

    • for instant understanding when shopping
  5. Understandable labeling

    • no confusion with “vegan” and “vegetarian” lettering
  6. Unique identification number

    • each label can be checked online with an individual ID for 100%