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Hey Vriends!

Vegan - to protect animal life, the world and our health. For a green future, we aim to bring people closer to the vegan lifestyle in a friendly way. We look forward to everyone who wants to broaden their horizons and increasingly do without animal products or is already doing so. As a non-profit association, it is our mission to support vegan nutrition and make it easier for everyone. Vriendly eV has been certifying vegan products since 2015 and has now developed and established the EU's leading vegan label for catering establishments.

From our headquarters in Hürth, Germany, we gradually developed a network that is now established throughout Germany. Through our certification, we strive for a clear and reliable labeling of vegan options. The Vriendly label is clearly vegan, distinctive and transparent for consumers.

Why do we do what we do?

There are still not enough vegan certified products, so it can be a challenge for restaurateurs to distinguish vegan products from non-vegan products. Due to a lack of experience in reading the ingredient list or under time pressure, non-vegan food can end up in the shopping cart, which is later falsely declared as vegan on the menu.

Due to such incidents, vegans often find it difficult to trust non-certified products or services. An appropriate control with subsequent certification offers customers security and transparency when buying vegan products and meals. In addition to the ingredients, we also check the preparation and production of the products.

Numerous restaurants in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK and the Philippines already carry our vegan label. In addition, there are hundreds of product certifications in various countries. In this way, we make the vegan lifestyle easier for more and more consumers and contribute to a vegan-friendly future.

What is special about the Vriendly Vegan label?

  1. High contrast background

    • in order to immediately attract the attention of the customer when shopping
  2. Internationally protected trademark

    • to protect against abuse & to ensure our standards
  3. Reference to our website

    • for information for new customers
  4. Clear visual language

    • for instant understanding when shopping
  5. Understandable labeling

    • no confusion with “vegan” and “vegetarian” lettering
  6. Unique identification number

    • each label can be checked online with an individual ID for 100%

A few Vriendly Faces

The Vriendly team stands behind our vision at 100% and continues to grow. 7 employees are currently working to bring the Vriendly Vegan label to gastronomy and product packaging and to provide the Vriendly community with advice and support. Our employees accompany restaurateurs and manufacturers through the certification process and are happy to answer any questions you may have about vegan certification. The responsibilities and contacts can be found here!

Michael Kneifel



Carlotta Ohleman

Partnership Manager &

Cassandra Warnke

Certification Manager
Products and Non-Food

Eva Hofmann

Certification Manager


Stefanie Bous

Certification Manager

Nina Lotz

Certification Manager
Sweden & Marketing