For catering establishments

Business certification

Do you sell vegan products? Then you are right here. In order to certify your company, special guidelines must be observed to avoid contamination of the vegan products.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a starred restaurant, a food truck or a café: use “Vegan” on the “biggest business trend of the decade” (FORBES 08/20) and benefit immediately from higher sales. Address new target groups and save yourself questions and discussions. With our label you give over 10 million (Germany) vegetarians & vegans the security that the ingredients and preparation are vegan. In addition, there are 55% of Germans who describe themselves as “convinced flexitarians” and consciously avoid animal foods more and more often (06/2020 FORSA survey on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture).

It's really uncomplicated & fast: You register your business and confirm that you check the ingredients carefully for animal ingredients and separate vegan and animal foods during preparation. All you need is a separate pan, a clean knife, an extra milk jug or a deep fryer just for French fries, falafel, etc. We can also provide you with a list of potentially critical ingredients.

You can usually get started within 48 hours. You will receive a certification certificate from us as well as vegan labels and icons for download. You can print these out or digitally integrate them into your menu. We will send you door stickers and vegan icon stickers for menus, daily menus, etc. by post. For inspiration, we will also give you a brand-new vegan cookbook for download.

There is a restaurant search on our website where the certified establishments can be found. An app is already being planned for spring 2022. As a certified company, you can link your website and social media accounts. We also offer you the opportunity to upload photos and the menu.