Vriendly ya está activo en muchos países. Para hacer visibles las diversas experiencias de nuestra comunidad internacional en diferentes orígenes culturales, hemos creado este blog internacional de Vriendly. Hay interesantes aqui Recetas de todo el mundo, Informes de viaje e interesante Episodios de la vida vegana de nuestros bloggers.

Herbstliche, vegane Rezepte aus Schweden

Schwedische vegane Rezepte für den Herbst – „Fleisch“bällchen und Zimtschnecken Ihr habt Lust auf leckere schwedische Gerichte im Herbst? Hier

Ein veganer Rundgang in Malmö

Vegan in Malmö? Sehr gerne! Schweden ist ein sehr veganfreundliches Land. Da viele Schwed:innen Wert auf gesunde Ernährung und Nachhaltigkeit


Una ricetta deliziosa! VEGAN ITALIAN RAGU Transport yourself to Italy and taste the mediterranean cuisine with this easy Vegan veggie


Vegan Easy Kimchi – キムチ We all know that fermented foods are good for our guts, so this easy kimchi

Japanese Katsu Curry Recipe – from scratch!

Japanese curry is different to indian or thai curry as it is not tomato based nor coconut milk based. It

Vegan MARINATED AUBERGINE Japanese sidedish

Vegan MARINATED AUBERGINE 茄子の揚げ浸し Vegan Marinated Aubergine! One of my favourites Japanese side dish but it can be the king


Vegan Japanese Yakisoba Do you know that you don’t use soba noodles for Yakisoba? Soba noodles are made with buckwheat


Vegan Trinxat : 3 versions (Kimchi, miso aubergine and shiitake) A Catalan in Japan. The tastiest love story ever told!  Trinxat

Vegan Japanese POTATO SALAD

JAPANESE POTATO SALAD ポテサラ   Summer in Japan, I’m melting like an ice-cream! Lately, salads and cold dishes are on

Vegan DORAYAKI – Japanese pancake

Vegan DORAYAKI   Not only is it Doraemon‘s favorite snack, but also ours! Dorayaki for breakfast, as a snack or

Veganism is Compassion for All the Living Creatures

The rainy season has finished at last and the hot summer has started in Japan. I’m sure many are relieved

Vegan Gluten-free MINESTRONE

MINESTRONE   Vegan and Gluten-free, basically, I didn’t add pasta. I love minestrone. It’s so fulfilling, tasty, nutritious and easy

VEGAN PURPLE RICE (red cabbage)

皆さん、こんにちは! PekopekoVegan is a recipe channel born in Japan, so a lot of dishes are going to be inspired by,

Veganising Japanese Cuisine

A common error that many vegans in Japan make, is believing that japanese soup stocks are vegan. Although dishes like